Is Your Skin Dehydrated or Dry? Why it’s Important to Know the Difference.

Dehydrated Skin vs. Dry Skin 

Many people deal with dehydrated skin on a daily basis and don’t even know it. Commonly misunderstood, dehydrated skin is quite different from your skin being dry. Although dehydration and dryness might feel the same, they require different treatment and care. 

Skin Type vs. Skin Condition 

Before we get into the nitty gritty of dehydrated versus dry skin, it is important to understand the difference between the two. One is a skin type while the other is a skin condition. You can’t actually change your skin type as it is the genetic disposition your skin naturally gravitates towards and despite the use of medications or hormonal therapy-your skin type will never change. It is beneficial to note that you can maintain and even learn to manage your skin type with the right routine and guidance. On the other hand, skin conditions are temporary and brought on by various factors. Skin conditions can be prevented and treated by also having a proper skincare routine. Dehydrated skin is a skin condition that is caused by various factors. 



Dehydrated skin is exactly what it sounds like- your skin needs hydration. Dehydrated skin is a direct cause of skin lacking in water. Those with dehydrated skin are actually experiencing something called transepidermal water loss (also known as TEWL). TEWL is the amount of water that passively evaporates through skin to the external environment due to water vapour pressure change on both sides of the skin barrier- which essentially just means your skin is lacking water. Causes include sun exposure, weather conditions, the use of harsh products, lifestyle, and aging.

Which Ingredients can help improve dehydrated skin?

Using humectants with emollients that are non comedogenic is a key to treating dehydrated skin. A great humectant to incorporate is Hyaluronic Acid. A product that contains hyaluronic acid is the Pure + Calm Infusion Refining Face Elixir by Om Organics. This product makes it easy to incorporate a humectant into your everyday routine because it’s as simple as adding a few drops to your moisturizer or facial oil. This high-performance elixir delivers an instant dose of active herbal extracts that minimize redness and inflammation. Rich in Hyaluronic Acid it helps to keep your skin plump and hydrated while Licorice Root and Skullcap work to diminish discolouration and brighten your complexion.

Another key ingredient to focus on is incorporating an alpha hydroxy acid. Specifically lactic acid is the most hydrating alpha hydroxy acid. Using lactic acid can help to improve the skin's natural moisture barrier, signaling skin cells to increase hyaluronic acid deposition and helping to promote hydrated skin from the inside out. The best way to incorporate lactic acid is by using Orgaid's Greek Yogurt & Nourishing Organic Sheet Mask. This sheet mask not only gives you the benefits of using lactic acid it also helps nourish dehydrated skin with ingredients like rosehip, aloe vera, lavender and yes- you can get the best of both worlds because it also contains the humectant hyaluronic acid. 

Lastly, a key ingredient to focus on is glycerine. A product that contains glycerine is Consonant Skincare's Hydrextreme Extreme Hydration Booster. The formulation is clinically proven to deliver potent and persistent moisturization that significantly outperforms hyaluronic acid.


Dry Skin 

Dry skin or alipic skin is a skin type caused by lack of oil. When oil glands do not produce enough sebum, it can result in dry skin which can happen for many reasons. You may even just be someone who naturally has a dry skin type. This type of skin generally looks normal in texture but is dull and can even be flaking. Since dry skin is a skin type, it is genetic and can not be changed. 

Which Ingredients can help with Dry Skin? 

A great product to use if you have dry skin is the Nourishing Facial Moisturizer by Woodlot. This product contains soothing chamomile, nutrient-rich essential oils and ultra-hydrating shea butter that make this luscious, yet gentle moisturizer perfect for daily use.  It also contains the key ingredient olive oil which is known to be efficient for treatment of dry skin. 

Another product to explore is the Nourish Face Mask by Wildcraft which works to rejuvenate and hydrate the skin while also gently exfoliating to reveal a soft and radiant complexion. Using this mask 1-2 times a week followed by a hydrating serum and moisturizer will help skin feel hydrated and rejuvenated.  

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