Making the Switch from Conventional to Clean & Green Beauty

How exciting! You are beginning a new journey in your life. Choosing an approach that is truthful to your body, mind and spirit and that respects our earth. We wanted to say congratulations. We know it is such a fulfilling journey that your future self will thank you for. Detoxing your cabinets and switching over to clean beauty is an exciting but overwhelming process and we are honoured to be here to guide you through it! This guide will give you a great place to start and if you have any additional questions remember we are here for you. 

Get to Know Your Products

Start by gathering all of the products you currently own. Skincare, makeup, hair products, even deodorant and anything else that touches your skin. Look at the ingredients of these products. If there are ingredients you don't recognize, helpful apps such as the 'think dirty' app and websites such as ewg  are amazing tools to help you decipher between ingredients that are promote your optimal wellness and those that are potentially harmful. 

There are many big corporations that unfortunately are not transparent about their ingredients and hide synthetic and potentially harmful ingredients behind names that are unrecognizable. However many of these corporations still claim to be "natural" and "green". 'Green Washing' is a term that refers to the false and deceptive use of terms such as 'natural' to persuade the public into believing an organization's products, aims and policies are environmentally friendly. 

It is important to delve deeper into the products you use on a daily basis and determine what they are really contributing to your wellbeing. 

Make room for the New.

Find what you love and donate what you don't to a friend or loved one. There is no point in holding onto products that you no longer use, these products will only cause clutter and confusion. Also majority of products have a 6 month expiration date upon opening. This means that the cleanser you've been using since the tenth grade most likely does not belong anywhere near your skin and it's time to start searching for a new one. Once you detox your cabinets of old products that are no longer doing much for you, you make room for new products that feed your skin the nutrients it craves. 

Try it Before you Buy It. 

Start with small orders and request samples. This way you can try products that interest you and learn what works best for your skin. You might be surprised to find products you never thought of trying will shortly become your new favourites!

Take our Co-Founder, Julia for example, "I used to be afraid of anything that contained oil in it. Since I had oily, acne prone skin I thought oils would cause my skin to look even more oily and clog my pores. However, once I began to learn about the many benefits of adding an oil to skincare routine and how it can actually help balance sebum production I began experimenting and found oils actually did wonders for my skin!"

This is a perfect time to try new things and adopt a new approach to how you self-care. By experimenting with different products you can find what works best for your skin and then begin to complete your routine.

Find your perfect clean routine.

Start to pick and choose what you love about your current routine and what is not doing much for you. Products that don't seem to make a difference in your skin aren't worth your time or money. Skincare, beauty products and personal care are an investment. You should LOVE your routine and look forward to it everyday (or at least most days.) By starting off with basics you can build your perfect routine. 

A great place to start is with skincare. We suggest learning more about your skin type and then finding what works best for you.

A basic skincare routine looks different for everyone but if you have no clue where to start you can try taking our skin quiz! 

If you are looking for some more specific suggestions.

Here are a few staples in every clean routine: 

1. Cleanser 

2. Toner

3.  Moisturizer 

4. Natural Deodorant 


Learn wherever you can! 

The green beauty industry is growing and evolving by the day. Fortunately, this means more and more companies are beginning to realize the demand for transparent ingredients! A great way to become more familiar with the green beauty community is to keep in touch with websites and blogs (like ours!) and connect with them on social media. The founders of clean beauty and wellness brands (such as the ones we carry) all have unique and inspiring stories about their own wellness journey's and how adopting this lifestyle inspired their own passion. 


Embrace Your Glow 

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Congratulations again and Welcome to the World of Green Beauty! 

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