Lurra means Earth

Lurra Wellness is proud to offer the very best organic, natural beauty and lifestyle products to its customers. 
Our mission is to bring you carefully curated products that are made from the best ingredients earth has to offer. Conventional beauty and lifestyle products are often filled with harmful chemicals, synthetic fragrances, endocrine disruptors and the list goes on and on. Many products can be FDA approved while still hiding toxic compounds under "parfum" or "fragrance". 
We are here to help you on your wellness journey by offering carefully tried and tested brands you will love without compromising your wellness.
You can browse freely knowing Lurra Wellness only offers safe products that are never tested on animals, only contain fragrance from naturally occurring ingredients and are non-toxic and mindful of their environmental impact. 
We understand how busy day to day obligations and life can be and the importance of taking time for yourself to ensure your own wellness.
 Lurra Wellness Inc. was founded by a mother and daughter who were both diagnosed with health conditions that interfered with their everyday life. Through their own personal journey they discovered the benefits of returning to a cleaner and natural way of living. We could not be more excited to share our wonderfully curated products and share our passion for clean beauty on our blog. 

Embrace your glow